Columbus Ohio OBAP (Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals) A.C.E. (Aerospace Career Education) Academy
Hosted by the Buckeye Tigers
First full week after the July 4th Holiday

Day 1: The Science of Flight and Careers in Aviation:
Day one is an introductory day in which students will become acquainted with academy protocol, an overview of the week, and team formation with fellow students. Students will be introduced to the basic science of flight and various careers in the aviation industry that will prepare them for upcoming tours they will participate in during the week.
Day 2: Aviation History and the Use of Airpower:
Day two encompasses a trip to the National Museum of the United States Air Force located in Dayton Ohio in which students will be introduced to notable figures in aviation such as the Wright Brothers and Eugene Jacques Bullard in addition to the development of powered flight as it pertains to military aviation from its inception to the modern era.
Day 3: Tuskegee Airman, Air National Guard, and General Aviation:
Day three will involve a visit the Rickenbacker International Airport and the 121st Air Refueling Wing. Students will spend the morning learning about the famed Tuskegee Airman at the last home of the famed WWII unit, formerly Lockbourne AFB. The afternoon will be spent on the civilian side to learn about general aviation and the Ohio Air National Guard 121st Air Refueling Wing.
Day 4: Aviation in Today’s World:
Students will spend day four at the John Glen International Airport where they will experience full motion flight simulation training as experienced by professional pilots at Flight Safety International, the world leader in flight simulation training, in addition to touring and learning about commercial and corporate aviation and its importance in the global economy.
Day 5: Flight Experience and Graduation Ceremony:
Day five is the most exciting day in which students will have the opportunity to experience actual flight at the controls of a small single engine airplane with a certified flight instructor at a local general aviation airfield in Columbus Ohio. This will be the culminating experience for the students as they take to the air and experience the exhilarating thrill of flight. The event is followed by a graduation ceremony with food and family celebrating what the students learned and experienced throughout the week.

Columbus Ohio OBAP ACE Academy